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Dining with Children in Brookline

As any parent knows, dining with kids can be tricky. Challenges range from choosing a restaurant with a decent children’s menu to finding a place where you’ll feel comfortable with lively little ones in tow. Although restaurants in some cities have actually deemed their properties “child-free zones,” many family-friendly options exist here in 2015. Give our top two picks a try this August.

  • Golden Temple
  • Anna’s Taqueria

Lo Mein Dish from Golden Temple in Brookline, MA

The first time you take your kids to¬†Golden Temple, notice the way their eyes light up. To little ones accustomed more to tagging long for takeout, the old-school opulence is even more surprising than it is to adults unaware of the grandeur of its golden statues, large open spaces and crisply attired waitstaff. They’ll also love having their pick of myriad dishes based on various meats, seafoods, veggies and noodles. The classic standby for picky eaters, egg foo yong, is available as well. Parents concerned about MSG (as many of us are in 2015) will be happy to know it’s absent on the menu at Golden Temple.

1651 Beacon St
Brookline MA 02445

Taco Plate from Anna's Taqueria in Brookline, MA
Looking for a convenient, budget-friendly dining option this August? Try the family-pleasing¬†Anna’s Taqueria. Children of all ages thrill at the opportunity to choose their own burrito, taco and quesadilla toppings and watch as they’re prepared in minutes. Fresh, tasty ingredients and allergen-free options ensure a relatively wholesome meal for all. Portion sizes are generous enough for the average teenage boy, and most entrees ring up at under six dollars, making this an affordable dining-out option any day of the week. Parents in need of a quick meal for everyone between school, errands and after-school activities will also appreciate the speedy process of ordering at the counter and paying upfront.

Coolidge Corner
1412 Beacon Street
Brookline MA

With so many restaurants at our disposal in 2015, deciding on the perfect solution for the entire family can seem challenging. We hope our top child-friendly restaurant recommendations will make eating out together a little easier for Brookline families this August.

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