Sowles Trauring Dental Partners ranks #1 National Patient Survey


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Parkside Associates, Inc.

Parkside Associates Inc. is a health care research firm in Park Ridge, IL committed to measuring and improving patient satisfaction.

In a National Study of Dental Patient Perceptions, Parkside Associates, Inc. identified a number of key quality characteristics, which influence patient’s quality of care and satisfaction. These key quality characteristics include the dental care process, access, communication, technical competency and office staff. The most influential and important of these is the dental care process. This measure focuses directly on the interactions between patient and doctor during a dental encounter.

Sowles Trauring Dental Partners set the highest score on the dental care process scale, technical competency and office staff. Furthermore, Sowles Trauring Dental Partners received the highest overall score and was the best performing dental practice in the National Study of Dental Perceptions.

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