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Summer 2009, Boston Magazine

Boston MagazineOver the last 40 years, Dr. Charles Trauring has built a unique multi-specialty group practice, with locations in both Brookline and Boston. His original vision for the practice was to build a team that featured restorative dentists working together with outstanding specialists to provide patients with the best in comprehensive dental care and the convenience of all services available in one location. Now, looking out from the second floor of the Boston location’s office in the Prudential Center, Dr. Trauring sees his dream realized—and still growing.

“We are proud of our accomplishments over the last 40 years,” says Dr. Trauring. “We have always remained fully committed to our original vision of combining tradition and innovation with outstanding clinical expertise.”

As a testimony to this unique combination of art and science, his practice, Dental Partners of Boston, was ranked #1 in a patient survey of dentists across the country by an independent health care research firm. The national study identified several key quality characteristics, which influence patient’s quality of care and satisfaction.

“Currently, the team is comprised of accomplished, recognized leaders in the field, as well as the best and brightest of the next generation,” Dr. Trauring explained. “Each doctor is encouraged to pursue his or her specialty to the fullest and teach at one of our outstanding local dental schools, as well as participate in leading continuing education seminars.”

What makes Dental Partners of Boston a truly unique practice is the dynamic team approach of a multi-specialty team. When a periodontist, endodontist, and general dentist can consult together regarding a patient’s treatment, whether it is a complex dental implant treatment or a single tooth, the impact of the joint consultation is very powerful. One patient, Trenchard More, explains, “The value of having an outstanding restorative dentist working with an exceptional endododontist and periodontist in the same office, able to consult in minutes rather than days or weeks, was so substantial that I continued to seek their care even after moving to Vermont more than eight years ago.”

“It allows for comprehensive dental care,” says Dr. Maria Cardenas. “Our practice ensures that all specialty work is performed by a specialist. Therefore, the patient gets the best dental care possible with the convenience of having it all under one roof.” Convenience, comprehensive care, decades of experience, and a top notch team—Dental Partners of Boston sets the standard for exceptional care.

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