Procera® AllCeram Crowns

Brookline Cosmetic Dentists, Procera AllCeram Crowns
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Today, more and more of our patients are asking for dental crowns that do not contain metal or other alloys. This is why Dental Partners of Brookline is one of the unique practices that offers Procera® AllCeram crowns.

The densely sintered ceramic material makes your new tooth both strong and beautiful, giving you a natural shine between your crown and gum. Because Procera® AllCeram uses a bio-compatible material (comparable to titanium), a Procera® AllCeram crown minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. The Dental Partners of Brookline dentists can renew your smile quickly and conveniently with Procera® AllCeram crowns.

To find out more about how a Dental Partners of Brookline dentist can renew your smile using Procera® AllCeram crowns, please contact our Brookline dentist office today.