GLO Science Whitening System

Brookline GLO Science Teeth Whitening
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Dental Partners of Brookline is one of the few dental practices that offers the GLO Science Whitening System in a simple pocket size device. GLO uses patented Guided Light Optic (G.L.O.) technology, with heat resistors strategically placed and LED light built into a closed system mouthpiece. The whitening gel is applied to the teeth, and the mouthpiece activates the gel.

Get your teeth up to 5X whiter without sensitivity. GLO Science innovation has been designed to eliminate problems of sensitivity. The whitening gel is free of alcohol and carbamide peroxide, the ingredients that commonly cause sensitivity and dry out the gums. GLO Brilliant® Whitening Gel does not migrate onto gums and other soft tissue. It is thixotropic—meaning it stays in place – so you get a whiter smile without discomfort.

Guided Light Optic Technology Diagram

GLO Whitening will lift the stain and brighten porcelain veneers, bonded teeth, implants —any artificial tooth surface without any harm. However, true whitening occurs on the natural tooth surface and from the inside of the tooth, thus achieving overall lightening.

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