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5 Apps to Benefit Your Dental Hygiene

February 2, 2016

Alright all you tech savvy smart phone owners: time to put your phone to good use in helping with your oral health! We all use our phones all day everyday, but did you know that among the millions of apps … Continue reading

How to Protect Yourself from Oral Cancer

January 31, 2016

Cancer of any kind is a scary thought. Oral cancer in particular poses a subtle threat because of how quickly it can develop without a person knowing. Prevention and early detection are key to lowering your risk of developing oral … Continue reading

New ways floss without floss: Now there’s no excuse to opt out!

January 27, 2016

When it comes to flossing, it’s not exactly the easiest thing to add organically to your routine. Sure, we are all told from childhood that flossing daily is crucial to oral health and preventing cavities/gum disease, and this is one … Continue reading

What Challenges Do Adults With Braces Face?

January 20, 2016

It used to be pretty rare for anyone other than teenagers to have braces, but in today’s society everyone with a crooked tooth or an overbite has the option to get it corrected with adult braces. Adults have a wider … Continue reading

How to Stay Fit in the Cold Weather

January 19, 2016

If you’re like us, you’re probably tempted to spend January in hibernation mode. After all, Brookline winters usually activate our hot-chocolate-by-the-fire genes. The onset of winter doesn’t have to mean packing on the pounds, though. Kick off 2016 the healthy … Continue reading

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